Zong Zijie Was Told He “Looks Like A Pig” After He Put On 7kg For His New Drama

In a case of dramatic irony, an actor starring in a drama centered on the issue of mental health gained weight to play someone battling depression, only to find himself affected by fat-shaming in real life.  

In a way, Zong Zijie has become an ideal advocate for the issue the show champions — the importance of mental well-being. 

The Noontalk Media artiste is one of those stars who is known for his super ripped physique, so when he gained 7kg for Truths About Us, it definitely took him out of his comfort zone.

In the Temasek Foundation-commissioned drama, which also stars Ya Hui and Ayden Sng, Zijie’s character Siyang spirals into depression after being overwhelmed by relationship issues, but in real life, the 26-year-old had his struggles as well.

Describing Siyang as someone who feels “quite inferior”, Zijie told 8world that the director didn’t want him to look too “robust” on screen, so he had to get rid of his buff bod.

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