‘You’re nothing but a prostitute’: Crimewatch clip sparks TikTok trend, Latest TV News

A clip from local TV programme “Crimewatch” that aired in 2013 has been making the rounds on social media, and not surprisingly, for all the cringeworthy reasons.

The clip involves two young women in a heated argument and begins with one of them saying, “Why not? You’re nothing but a prostitute”, and her counterpart replying with: “How dare you call me a prostitute? You better say sorry.” 

A bit of background: the scene is from an episode titled “Gang Clash” and shows how a misunderstanding between two “ah lians” led to a gang fight and a stabbing incident in 2011. 

It is not clear how the meme began making rounds on the Internet, but the trend is widely believed to have been sprouted by Saint Hoax, a famous online influencer, on its Twitter page.

The tweet has garnered over 800 retweets and some 87,000 views.

A number of Singaporeans were of course stoked to see a local show recognised on the global stage.

Some TikTokers – both local and international – have even created their own amusing spin-offs of the original video.


ok can’t stop laughing at this 😂 ##sgtiktok

♬ why not you are nothing but a – 🇸🇬SG Must Watch La!


sk@nk alert 🚨##fyp ##lithuania

♬ original sound – Mullet Twink👾

And naturally, Shanice Koh and Jernelle Oh – the actresses who appeared in the original Crimewatch episode – re-enacted their own re-enactment from 8 years ago, because… you know, it’s a scene for the ages.  


##duet with @ohyushi here we go🕷##fyp ##tiktoksg

♬ why not you are nothing but a – 🇸🇬SG Must Watch La!

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