Ya Hui Joked That She Would Feel Uneasy If She Didn’t Bicker With Her Mum All Day… & Other Ways Our Stars Paid Tribute To Their Mums On Mother’s Day

Mark Lee

The comedian-turned-serious-actor shared a video of himself doing something very special this year. The two-minute clip showed Mark, who has a burgeoning career as live streamer, driving to a viewer’s house to surprise her with a gift and a bouquet of flowers.

Mark explained how the whole arrangement came about: “ Earlier on, when I was in Holland selling bags on live stream, a netizen named Stephanie said she wanted to buy a bag for her mother for Mother’s Day. She asked if I could personally deliver the bag to her mum to give her a surprise. Seeing how filial she was, I agreed. When I touched down in Singapore today, I made some time to send the bag over. While Aunty (Stephanie’s mum) initially did not recognise me, she was shocked to realise who I was after I entered her house and chatted with her,” he wrote.

Mark then added that he had to rush off to attend two Mother’s Day dinners, one with his mother, the other with his mother-in-law, right after the surprise.

Click here to watch the full video.

Photos: Mark Lee/ Instagram

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