Wilber Pan’s Ex Air Stewardess Wife Finally Addresses Those Rumours That She Attended A Training Camp To Learn How To Land A Famous Husband

After being MIA from Weibo for quite some time, Luna took to her Xiao Hong Shu page, which is a basically the Chinese equivalent to Pinterest, to refute the rumours and explain the relationship between her and Amy.

She wrote: “Amy is from Nanjing and born in the late 90s, and we are from the same hometown. When [I] was in Nanjing University, I went to the TV station to audition for a variety show and she was working for Jiangsu TV at that time. That’s how we got to know each other.”

Luna also revealed that since they were from the same hometown and were both new to Shanghai, she and Amy often hung out together. However, she also said they haven’t met each other “for around six years, since 2015”.

Amy on the other hand, also once refuted the rumours about the ‘pickup artist training camp’, saying that if it was so easy to start a camp for those who wanted to marry famous people, “do you think those Heavenly Kings are fools”?

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