Wang Lei Wants To Reduce His Swearing Because His 5-Year-Old Grandson Has Picked It Up From Him

Wang Lei also spoke about his wife, who often appears in his live streams.

A curious Xixi Lim wanted to know if there’s a reason behind Wang Lei’s displays of affection to his wife during his broadcasts. 

Wang Lei’s eyes welled up with tears as he spoke about how his wife had shown him unwavering support during his gambling addiction years ago.

“Loansharks came to my house to splatter paint. My wife took paint thinner and wiped the paint off each floor. It was 5am, when she was about to head to work, and she never woke me up from my sleep,” he revealed.

Back when I was working, my wallet was always empty. She had 10 dollars in her purse, so she took out five dollars to put it in my wallet,” continued Wang Lei, adding that his wife has been through a lot because of him.

He then swore he would never let his wife go hungry once he started to make money.

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