‘Violates Putin’s Honor’: World Champion Loses Everything

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The reigning world champion in speedway, Artem Laguta, has had his license revoked by the Russian Motor Union because he has criticized the war in Ukraine Artem Laguta has come to blows with Vladimir Putin. Photo: Jarek Pabijan In Russia, it is forbidden to criticize the war effort in Ukraine. Yes, it is actually forbidden at all to call the attack on the neighboring country war or invasion. So if one wants to avoid the 15 years behind bars that misinformation about the war can cost in Russia, one is wise to talk about a ‘necessary military operation’. But not all Russians hold their teeth too heavy. One of those who has shared his critical view of the war is the reigning world champion in speedway, Artem Laguta. – I’m watching this evil war and the drama that is hitting innocent people and I’m devastated. Putin’s aggression is frightening. This is not my Russia. It’s Putin’s Russia and I do not want anything to do with it, Artem Laguta told Polish SportoweFakty last week. Here he made it clear that he does not want to represent Russia in the light of the current situation. – I simply can not imagine driving for Putin’s Russia now, and regardless of the consequences I do not, it sounded clear and brave from the speedway world champion. ‘Offends Putin’s honor’- Believe me, people in Russia hear a completely different story than here, and they are often lost and scared. I know I’m subjecting myself to fierce criticism even from my friends. But tell me what else to do? I just want to distance myself from the aggression. Laguta will not represent Russia for the time being either. And it’s not just because, the International Motor Union, FIM, has excluded Laguta and his compatriot Emil Sajfutdinov. Laguta’s bold comments have had consequences in Russia, where the country’s motor union has blacklisted both him and Vadim Tarasenko. ‘The riders who made unworthy statements about the situation in the country do not deserve to be called proud Russian athletes or the honor of representing the Russian Federation at international competitions’, announces the Russian Motor Union, which has deprived the riders of their licenses to have violated Vladimir Putin’s ‘honor and dignity’. Thus, Artem Laguta and Vadim Tarasenko are virtually without the possibility of resuming their careers if they do not change federations. Artem Laguta, who in addition to the individual World Cup title also has three World Cup triumphs with the Russian national team on his CV, has Polish citizenship and also lives in Poland. In addition to the critical comments, the world champion shared a photo on his Instagram profile where the flags of Russia and Ukraine were accompanied by the text ‘war is evil’. The image has since been removed and the account made private. Russia’s second GP driver, 2021 bronze winner Emil Sajfutdinov, has closed all his social media accounts. It is expected that both Laguta and Sajfutdinov will seek the possibility of obtaining Polish licenses. Danish star tops list: Best of this millennium Stupid on live TV: – War is good

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