Under extreme stress, man strips naked at Genting hotel lobby – while on vacation, Latest World News

Ideally, there should never be a dull moment when on vacation.

But one family got perhaps more excitement than they hoped for when the father flipped out and stripped naked at a hotel lobby in Malaysia’s Genting Highlands on Wednesday (April 6).

The 46-year-old store assistant was with his wife and two young children when he suddenly took off his clothes and knelt on the ground, China Press reported.

Shocked onlookers saw the man kneel with his head touching the floor while his wife shouted at him and tried covering him up with his clothes.
Members of the public also brought over towels to cover the man up.

Bentong police said the man was quickly taken to an office by auxiliary officers who instructed him to put on his clothes before taking him to the Genting Police Station. 

He was later taken to hospital for a check-up.

The man’s bizarre actions were believed to be the result of tremendous work stress, the police said.

“His family had just arrived at Genting Highlands when the incident happened,” they added.

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