TVB Actress-Host Chuk Man Kwan Dies From Lung Cancer At 55

Veteran TVB actress-host Chuk Man Kwan has passed away from lung cancer at 55.

TVB announced the tragic news on Facebook and Man Kwan’s good friend, actor Robert Mak, confirmed the news of her death.

According to the post, Man Kwan’s family was by her side when she passed away in her sleep yesterday (March 1). 

According to Hongkong reports, Man Kwan had been ill for two years but was fiercely private about her condition. Even close showbiz pals like actors Brian Wong and Lawrence Lau were unaware about her illness until news broke yesterday.

Brian, who was from the same TVB artiste training class as Man Kwan, said he was stunned by news of her passing as the late actress had appeared cheerful when he last saw her at a party late December.

The pair, who are members of the Artiste Training Alumni Association, met up frequently and he had no idea that she was ill, though she had appeared a little thin. It was only after asking the other members that he found out that Man Kwan had been suffering from lung cancer for two years.

Lawrence too did not notice anything unusual about Man Kwan when they both served as emcees at a friend’s birthday party last November.

He recalled that when a friend commented that Man Kwan had lost a lot weight, she brushed it off, saying she was “on a diet”.

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