TVB Actor Lee Kwok Lun Celebrates Getting His China Residence Permit; Says He Can Finally Buy Insurance

It seems like TVB actor Lee Kwok Lun, 68, has finally found something to celebrate about.

The Hongkong native, who is also known as Joseph Lee, recently took to social media to flash his China Residence Permit card.

The super elated actor said that this card has given him an “identity” and he can finally use it to get some medical insurance.

Other benefits that Kwok Lun is looking forward to include using the card to buy airplane tickets, and to be able to walk through automated gantries at the airport.

Since 2018, China has implemented the Residence Permit for Hongkong, Macao, and Taiwan Residents, which is essentially like the Permanent Residence (PR) status in Singapore.

The identity card allows those who do not have household registration in mainland China to be eligible for various social insurance and benefits which citizens have.

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