Townsville’s Been Voted Australia’s ‘Supreme Shithole Of The Year’

The Facebook page ‘Shit Towns Of Australia’ has officially crowned the democratically voted, shittest place of 2021. Lo and behold, the supreme honour has gone to Townsville! Congratulations, everyone.

Townsville scored 36.5% of the total vote, which was markedly close to second place: the entire state of New South Wales, which had 30% of the vote. Now that’s something we can all feel proud of.

Byron Bay came in at third place with 20% of the vote, so a round of champagne on Chris Hemworth’s credit card is in order, methinks.

In the post celebrating the “Supreme Shithole of the Year” award (their words, not ours), Shit Towns of Australia explained that Townsville took out the crown because it also won a number of other accolades.

“The North Queensland crapper dominated this year’s Shit Town Power Rankings, and was also voted Queensland’s Shittest City and Australia’s Shittest City. What a year for Towntown.”

The comments were, predictably, full of people sharing their Townsville pride.

“Couldn’t have been anyone else. Ruthlessly consistent all year, and the sort of quality that [Port] Pirie can only dream of. Townsville deserve this championship,” wrote one person.

Another said, “One weird city beat out the entirety of NSW. Proud.”

Earlier this month, NSW took out the page’s esteemed accolade “Shit State of the Year” with 26% of the votes, narrowly beating out Queensland with 23% and Victoria with 22%.

This year’s votes for “supreme shithole” mark a seismic shift from 2020’s, reflecting the ever-changing feelings of the Australian electorate.

Logan in Queensland topped the 2020 shit list (and also won in 2019) while Nimbin and Adelaide were second and third in the rankings.

Who will be crowned biggest shithole of 2022? That glorious accolade of course remains to be seen. Perhaps Logan will re-emerge on the top spot, like a phoenix rising from the ashes.

But, as put by Shit Towns of Australia: “to all the suburbs, towns, cities and states that participated in our polls this year, better luck next time!”

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