Tong Bingyu Reunites With Pals Terence Cao & Dawn Yeoh in Korea; Says They Are “Not Mean Bosses”

After the Singapore-Malaysia border reopening, you would expect Malaysian actress Tong Bingyu, 38, to meet up with old friends and colleagues in Singapore.

The former Mediacorp star did meet up with fellow industry besties Terence Cao, 54 and Dawn Yeoh, 35… except the trio is currently in Seoul, having the time of their lives.

When she spoke to 8world, Bingyu shared that the main purpose of their offshore reunion was to outsource products for Dawn and Terence’s company Sibay Shiok, which they started with fellow celebs Vincent Ng and Shane Pow.

The trio have not met up in the past two years due to the pandemic. “Though I was tired after my flight and didn’t express any happiness on my face, I know we were thrilled to see each other again,” said Bingyu, adding that they would often get together in Singapore and KL pre-pandemic.

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