This Chinese Actor Used To Resemble ‘Snake Spirit Boy’, Now Has A New Post-Plastic Surgery Look The Internet Loves

The actor went on to share that he gained quite a number of fans after Ashes of Love, but the extra attention also caused him to receive more hate and criticism.

As a result, he began to doubt himself. Eventually, he managed to shake off the negativity, and continued once again on his journey to better himself.

“Those who’ve been soaked by the rain will always want to hold up an umbrella for others. I will definitely try my best to share more about my experience over the last few years in a scientific and rational manner,” he wrote.

“As for me, this is not just a change in physical appearance, but a form of growth in wisdom. I’m not encouraging everyone to just do whatever [I did], instead, you must have the courage to face the world, no matter what happens,” he went on to share.

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