The United States Is Targeting Abramovich

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US authorities on Monday charged Roman Abramovich with illegally exporting two planes worth several billion Roman Abramovich has had two planes seized by the US Department of Justice. Photo: Andrew Winning / Reuters / Ritzau Scanpix The stone-rich Russian Roman Abramovich has got his ears in the American machine. On Monday, US authorities confirmed that Abramovich has been charged in a case in which he has operated two US flights to Russia, but without having the necessary permits that have become necessary with the international sanctions against Russia. It writes Reuters. It is reported that the US Department of Justice has issued a seizure order for the two aircraft, a Boeing 787-8 Dreamliner and a Gulfstream G650ER, which are located in Dubai and Russia, respectively. The Boeing plane is clearly the more expensive of the two – it in itself is worth 2.5 billion kroner. Abramovich violated the rules when he had both planes flown to Russia in March shortly after the invasion of Ukraine, when it became clear that a string of countries were ready with sharp sanctions aimed at Russia, but also at the many rich Russians staying. abroad. Earlier, according to the US Department of Commerce, he had made his children owners of the companies that formally own the planes. According to Reuters, the accusation is only directed at the seizure of the planes and should therefore not contain personal sanctions aimed at Abramovich, who thus does not risk imprisonment or fines. Roman Abramovich, who has lived in London for many years, has since the Russian invasion of Ukraine frozen a considerable part of his fortune, just as he has had to sell the football club Chelsea to the American billionaire Todd Boehly and his consortium. Not for personal gain, as the profits would be seized, but to donate the money to the needy in Ukraine. Had he not completed the sale, an expected result was that the club had been taken from him, just as other Russian rich and oligarchs have had values ​​and assets seized for billions as a result of international sanctions. The price for Chelsea, which Abramovich bought in 2003, was almost 37 billion kroner – some of the amount is tied up in investments in the club, while almost 22 billion is pure takeover money, which thus benefits the war victims in Ukraine.

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