The Swedes providing shelter to Ukrainian refugees

Adelina (left), and her two sisters meet Catarina Göthe (2nd right), for the first time at Nynäshamn ferry terminal. The sisters, whose parents have remained in Ukraine, will stay with Catarina and her family in Stockholm.

Lyssna: The Swedes providing shelter to Ukrainian refugees

  • Sweden’s Migration Agency said today that it expects between tens and hundreds of thousands of Ukrainian refugees to arrive in Sweden over the coming months.

  • At Nynäshamn’s ferry terminal, up to 500 hundred Ukrainians fleeing the Russian invasion are arriving daily on the Nova star ferry from the Polish port city of Gdansk. So far, it is mainly family and friends who are housing the Ukrainians, but reminiscent of the arrival of Syrian refugees in 2015, there are also Swedes who have offered homes to refugees they have never met before, with online groups co-ordinating help.

  • Radio Sweden meets three Ukrainian sisters coming off the boat from Poland and the Swede who is opening up her family home to them.

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