The Numbers Reveal: Dreyer Can Make A Huge Difference In FC Midtjylland

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FC Midtjylland’s season threatens to smoke completely off the track. Ekstra Bladet has put on the computer glasses and gone to the wolves to find out if the results are true. We searched for a long time in the dark, and found seven important shots and finally a small flash of light. System error with major consequences Charles has been given more playing time after Bo Henriksen has adjusted the system. Photo: Bo Amstrup / Ritzau Scanpix When FC Midtjylland beat SønderjyskE 3-2 in the autumn, they increased the lead at the top to six points, as FCK also lost to Brøndby. The match after, head coach Bo Henriksen chose to embark on a new course with backs in a clearer attacking role and a little more central midfielders in a dynamic lineup. The consequence was, in short, that the Wolves typically now introduce a midfield type like Charles Rigon or Max Meyer at the expense of either Pione Sisto or Junior Brumado. Without being directly revolutionary compared to before, because there is a lot of alternation between the term in attack and defense, a spectacular dividing line can still be made before and after the formation adaptation. The position from round 14-21 1. Brøndby, 8 matches, 22 points 2. FC Copenhagen, 8 matches, 20 points… 7. FC Midtjylland, 8 matches, 8 points ——— SPLIT ELEMENT — —— Wolves without speed Joel Andersson is among the few players who can push themselves in the competition with the Superliga’s other players. Photo: Bo Amstrup / Ritzau Scanpix If a wolf is to have a chance to kill its prey, it depends on speed and strong jaws. FC Midtjylland wants to introduce a style of play inspired by the Red Bull clubs, which in Denmark can best be compared to Zorniger’s Brøndby team. Work rage – and a hell of a pace. It is striking that Anders Dreyer still stands as a shining example of that thinking from the start of his season. Anders Dreyer comes back and gives the wolves both speed and endurance. Photo: Claus Bonnerup has a list of the Superliga’s players who most often sprint, and who runs the longest at high speed – high-intensity races. FC Midtjylland has two players among the Superliga’s 30 best in the two categories – and Anders Dreyer is with both places. Joel Andersson is among the sprinters, Pione Sisto is at high speed. These are categories where Brøndby players are prominent. The lack of speed can be read in another area. FC Midtjylland’s ability to attack in counterattack and catch the opponents out of balance is very low. At the same time, other figures show that FC Midtjylland’s ability to put the opponents’ defensive under pressure and thus force ball loss is significantly lower than normal. 2021/22 2.43 attacks / matches2020 / 21 2.94 attacks / matches2019 / 20 4.22 attacks / matches2018 / 19 3.53 attacks / matches2017 / 18 4.03 attacks / matches Source: Wyscout ——- – SPLIT ELEMENT ——— Dancing around the field Gustav Isaksen lacks help from teammates to penetrate the opponents’ field. Photo: Bo Amstrup / Ritzau Scanpix Under Brian Priske’s leadership, FC Midtjylland tried to work with more ball possession and dominance, and then there was a focus on breakthroughs into the field. That was one of the reasons why he managed to win so many penalty kicks last season. The Wolves’ expression has changed a lot this season, and although the club has traditionally played on the principle that the goals are scored in the box, this is not reflected in this area in the style of play. 2021/22 24.81 Attacks / Match2020 / 21 28.91 Attacks / Match2019 / 20 28 Attacks / Match2018 / 19 25.58 Attacks / Match2017 / 18 23.17 Attacks / Match Source: Wyscout ——— SPLIT ELEMENT ——— Justice is done to the fullest FC Midtjylland gets what it deserves. The performance is not to top the league. Photo: Bo Amstrup / Ritzau Scanpix FC Midtjylland was ridiculed when former chairman of the board Rasmus Ankersen launched the concept of ‘Table of Justice.’ Table of Justice. It was the wolves’ own benchmark in relation to the performance, which was not about goals and the end result, but everything in the effort, which was not about goals. A pacifier to comfort yourself with and review the results when needed, and use them constructively. Today, the concept of not being recognized, then there is an acknowledgment that victory and defeat are not all that counts in football. And if you look through the results this season, FC Midtjylland’s fall from the peaks was written long before it became a reality. The Wolves were overtaken by FC Copenhagen after six rounds, and even when the Wolves led the Super League by six points, they were not at the top of the ‘Table of Justice.’ ——— SPLIT ELEMENT ——— Non-toxic Dead Balls Only threat in the air – Sviatchenko. Photo: Bo Amstrup / Ritzau Scanpix Do you remember when it almost triggered panic-like reactions from the opponents, when FC Midtjylland won a set piece near the field. It’s been a long time since that was the case. The Wolves have said goodbye to Sory Kaba and Alexander Scholz compared to last season. They lack a player with past precision on the servers. All this leaves Erik Sviatchenko as the only real threat in the air on set pieces that lack precision. Impressive how often Sviatchenko despite it still comes into its own. Dead balls is an area that FC Midtjylland wants to improve. Dead balls with finishes2021 / 22 12 percent2020 / 21 16.8 percent2019 / 20 15.1 percent2018 / 19 15.8 percent2017 / 18 16.3 percent Source: Wyscout 2021/22 35.5 percent2020 / 21 38.3 percent2019 / 20 36, 7 percent 2018/19 37.4 percent 2017/18 41.1 percent Source: Wyscout ——— SPLIT ELEMENT ——— Harmless air force Something to think about Bo Henriksen. Photo: Bo Amstrup / Ritzau Scanpix An area where FC Midtjylland has always been able to dominate the opponents has been in the air. But the lack of an airy striker has had a shock effect on the attack build-up at FC Midtjylland. Gone is the bombardment from posts. 2021/22 13.19 posts / match2020 / 21 17.97 posts / match2019 / 20 20.03 posts / match2018 / 19 18.75 posts / match2017 / 18 16.28 posts / matchSource: Wyscout ——- – SPLIT ELEMENT ——— Does not create big enough chances Junior Brumado and the rest of the offensive does not come up with big enough chances. Photo: Bo Amstrup / Ritzau Scanpix FC Midtjylland’s results suffer from the team not creating big enough chances. The club has identified this area as one of the places where they need to improve. In football, the concept of xG (expected goals) is a concept that assesses the chance of scoring on a goal chance based on the place of the end, opponents nearby. The chances FC Midtjylland creates this season are low compared to the club’s own standards. A high chance will typically be around 0.25-0.3. 2021/22 0.127 xG / end2020 / 21 0.124 xG / end2019 / 20 0.133 xG / end2018 / 19 0.145 xG / end2017 / 18 0.137 xG / endSource: Wyscout ——— SPLIT ELEMENT —— — Shuts off for the opponents The defensive is a bright spot for FC Midtjylland, who are simply sharper to keep the opponents away. Photo: Bo Amstrup / Ritzau Scanpix A small bright spot. FC Midtjylland has reorganized the game and at times stands very deep and focuses on rejecting the opponents. This means that the chances the team gives away are minimal and they are very difficult to score against. xG (expected goals) a term that assesses the chance of scoring on a goal chance based on the place of the finish, opponents nearby. Here the wolves are right now below the magic limit of 0.1. A high chance will typically be around 0.25-0.3. 2021/22 0.096 xG / end2020 / 21 0.145 xG / end2019 / 20 0.124 xG / end2018 / 19 0.126 xG / end2017 / 18 0.112 xG / end

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