The Late One-Armed Swordsman Star Wang Yu Helped Jackie Chan Resolve A Tricky Contract Dispute In The ’70s

Martial arts legend Jackie Chan, 67, posted on social media as he mourned the death of Taiwanese action star Jimmy Wang Yu, who passed away from respiratory failure in his sleep yesterday morning (Apr 5). He was 80.

Wang Yu, best known for playing the one-armed swordsman in the 1967 movie of the same name, had been unwell for the past six years, after suffering his second stroke in 2016.

Jackie, 67, posted a throwback pic of him and Wang Yu with the caption: “I received some shocking news today on Ching Ming Festival, Jimmy Wang Yu had passed away. Another martial arts hero has left us…. the contributions you’ve made to kung fu movies and the support and wisdom you’ve given to the younger generation will always be remembered in the industry. And your movies will always remain in the hearts of your fans. We will miss you! Rest in peace.”

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