Tamara ‘Wanted To Be The Villain’ On MAFS, Applied Three Times

Brent Vitiello went fkn in on his ex-bride Tamara Djordjevic from MAFS on the radio on Tuesday morning. Monday night’s roast was apparently a two-course meal.

Brent was chatting to hosts Jimmy and Nath on Hit Hobart 100.9 on Tuesday. He claimed Tamara wanted to be the villain of the season.

“She wanted to be the villain on there and call people out,” he said.

“But she just got overthrown by females in there that are a lot stronger, a lot more level-headed and a lot more articulate with their words.”

Is it just us or did Brent confirm he’s Team Ella Ding and Domenica Calarco? Talk about taste.

Tamara told the radio station last week that Brent went on the show so he could get a new set of teeth. Brent called BS on that claim and called Tamara a “burnt little girl”.

He then said Tamara applied for the show three times. Three.

“She honestly said, ‘I have so much to go back to [with] my job, my career’,” he recalled.

“Why would she spend three years in a row to go on MAFS if that was the case?”

No shade to Tammie here but that sounds suspicious.

As if that wasn’t spicy enough, Brent said he and Tamara haven’t spoken to each other in a while. And the reason why sounds like classic Tamara.

He said Tamara reached out to him and suggested being civil for media interviews when the season began.

But then she lashed out at him when she saw an article about him hanging out with Selin Mengu, Ella, Dom, Jack Millar and Al Perkins. They were celebrating at a venue he ran in Sydney.

“One of the articles cut out all the boys so it was just me and Selin,” he said.

“[Tamara] wrote an essay of a message to me and I said, ‘look, I’m not reading that. If you’re gonna believe everything you read you’re a bit of a child’.”

He then disputed Tamara’s claim he and Ella called the paparazzi on themselves when they were hanging out at a beach on Valentine’s Day.

“Oh God, not only is that not true but apparently the rose she had on Valentine’s Day was from the paparazzi. I mean, come on…everything she’s done she says I’ve done.

Brent Vitiello and Tamara Djordjevic strongly said “I don’t” at the Final Vows in Monday night’s MAFS episode. But you can catch them again when the cast reunites in Sunday’s episode.


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