Taiwanese Singer Chen Shuhua, Who Retired In 1998, Used To Get So Nervous Before Performances That She’ll Be “Constantly Shaking”

Last weekend, Taiwanese singer Julia Peng, 49, held a concert performing rearranged versions of Taiwanese singer-songwriter Lu Ta Yu’s works. 

At a post-concert event, Julia took the opportunity to jokingly ask Ta Yu, 67, why he “wrote so many songs for [Taiwanese singer] Chen Shuhua” back in the day. 

For those too young to remember, Chen Shuhua, or Sarah Chen, was one of the most popular singers in the late ’80s and ’90s.

Readers of a certain vintage would definitely remember her iconic hits like  ‘Is it Right to Love You?’ and, of course, ‘Awakening Dream’.

Shuhua, who is now 63, also sang the theme song to the classic 1986 SBC drama Samsui Women.  

However, she retired from showbiz in 1998, and has not appeared in the public eye since.

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