Some Chinese Netizens Call Hua Chengyu’s New Look “Too Effeminate”, Say He Will Lead Youths Astray

After the Chinese government issued a new ruling that basically bans “sissy and effeminate” male celebs, it seems like Chinese netizens have become more vocal when it comes to decrying male celebs who they have arbitrarily deemed as “too effeminate”.

And now, it seems like it’s Chinese singer Hua Chenyu’s turn to fall into their crosshairs.

Recently, the 32-year-old singer unveiled his new look on Weibo, revealing that he’d grown out his hair and dyed it blond. Apart from that, the singer appeared to have gotten three tattoos of different flowers on his chest, behind his ear, and on his left forearm. 

The singer is often referred to as ‘Hua Hua’ or ‘flower flower’ by his fans, as the pinyin for his surname Hua (华) is similar to the pinyin for flower (花).

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