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There is drama on the Danish curling scene, and now the dirty laundry has been aired on the world’s largest stage. Kenneth Rifbjerg Hertsdahl, who is the national coach appointed by the association, was sawed over in TV2’s sports news by national team player Henrik Holtermann, after the national coach criticized that the team had not been replaced, so the reserve Tobias Thune had come into play earlier. – I do not know if Kenneth has the professional level to possibly have to select players in the future. But it is a decision that the association must make and not me. He tries, but I do not quite think he always offers what the team needs, says Holtermann to TV 2. Holtermann describes him as cozy, but lacks seriousness, while the national coach does not want to say more. The harsh criticism was served by Henrik Holtermann after the match against Sweden. Photo: Lillian Suwanrumpha / Ritzau Scanpix The national coach’s function and mandate at this Olympics is extremely limited, because the players are not forced to take his advice and guidance. This will be changed, assures the chairman of the Danish Curling Union, Henrik Christoffersen, who announces a new elite strategy that also looks at the selections and the role of the national coach. Initially, he is pleased that the parties involved in the dispute have been able to turn around the criticisms. – We have talked it through well, and I know that the team and the national coach have talked well together down there and have cleaned the air. – Some finches have been smoked from the forehead, and they have had the air cleaned, so there is not really much more to say about that matter, it sounds from the chairman. – What does it mean to you that the dirty laundry has been aired here? – It is really unfortunate, and it does not belong in the public debate. We must take this internally. We also agree on that. It’s a real shame it’s just coming out. It was neither the players’ nor the national coach’s intention that a personal war should start in the media. Why did it end there? – There have been some frustrations, and it is not because we are fighting for the medals right now. But then they smoke out after another defeat. – Does it make you think of a different way to select a national team – or to select a national coach? – It hits at a really unfortunate time, because we actually have a work in progress with a brand new elite strategy. – In the future it will be the sports management – and now I say management and not the national coach – and that is because it has not been adopted. – But there is a new strategy along the way. Skipper Mikkel Krause and the rest of the team have not enjoyed success at the Olympics. Photo: Lillian Suwanrumpha / Ritzau Scanpix – When the players are asked if they are happy to have the national coach with them, it is not a clear yes. So my question is: Is it a waste of time and money to have a national coach for the Olympics at all? – The national coach in the setup, which we have now and will soon be replaced, is there to provide advice, guidance and tactical sparring. With that in mind, it makes sense to have him with you. Whether the team will then use the advice or sparring that is now available is then the team’s choice. – We think it makes good sense to send someone who can see things from the outside. – But if they say no thanks to sparring because they do not think he is competent enough …? – It is such a challenge. And that, again, is something we need to look at. It may well be that it was not the best match. And that is something the strategy must take into account in the future. It makes no sense to send someone with whom the team does not want. Kenneth Hertsdahl, the tall man No. 2 from the right, is not so appreciated, even though he himself has competed at the top level. Here he is seen at the World Cup in 2005. Photo: Andy Clark / Ritzau Scanpix – So how much does it bother you that it is this constellation this time? – It is difficult to predict how it will go. We have the opinion that we have a national coach so we can provide support to the team. When they are not satisfied with the support they receive from the national coach, then of course we have to evaluate. – You have probably had four years to find out if this is the right match …? – I do not know if we have. There may be some points where it works and others where it does not. I do not really have any comments on that. Work on the new elite strategy continues in the small league, but for now there is not much to save on the Olympic curling front. Both men and women have played their roles, and the former is even last in the table with only one win. They play last Thursday’s showdown against the United States, who are fighting for a place in the semifinals.

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