Sandy Lam, 56, Said To Be Living With Her 24-Year-Old Daughter In England

Last month, TVB aired a special tribute, Ren Sheng 90 Hao Fung Show (人生90好枫show) in celebration of Wu Fung’s 90th birthday.

The show saw many stars sending Wu Fung their well wishes.

Although Sandy was not present at the celebration, she appeared via a recorded video. Fans later said that it was the first time they had seen her in 936 days.

Wu Fung is now rehearsing for his upcoming concert (yes at 90!) and when he was asked by reporters if Sandy is going to appear as a special guest, said that she isn’t able to as she is overseas.

Music producer Andrew Tuason, who was present at the interview, then revealed that Sandy is now in England.

Wu Fung wasn’t willing to elaborate on the topic, only saying that he did not know why she had gone to England. 

He, however, said that Sandy is with her 24-year-old daughter, Renee, and is happy there, adding that Renee is the most important person to her.

Wu Fung also said that given how introverted Sandy is, she tends to keep things private and doesn’t share much about herself with others.

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