SA2022 Top 10 Most Popular Male Artiste Marcus Chin Says The “Lover” He Thanked In His Speech Must Remain Secret Because He’s “Not 30 Years Old”

When Marcus Chin took to the stage to say his Thank-Yous after winning the Top 10 Most Popular Award for the second consecutive year last night, he once again schooled us all with a lesson about presenting the most inspired, eloquent speech.

Drawing inspiration from a Classical Chinese Poem by Li Yu titled “Yu Mei Ren”, which can be translated to Lady Yu the Royal Concubine, Marcus tells 8days.sg about his process behind preparing such an eloquent, cheem speech.

But first, the speech in question:

Seasons of spring flowers and autumn moon, when will they ever end?

(Chun hua qiu yue he shi liao)

[What do I] know about the Top 10

(Shi da zhi duo shao)

Last night, to my loft, came the east wind once more

(Xiao lou zuo ye you dong feng)

The second award has finally landed in my hands

(Er zuo jiang xiang zhong yu luo zai wo shou zhong)

Jade steps and carved railings may always remain

(Diao lan yu qi ying you zai)

Next year, I will come again

(Ming nian wo yi ding zai lai)

How many grave sorrows can I have

(Wen jun neng you ji duo chou)

I still have eight awards left to ascend to the ranks of All-Time Favourite Artiste

(Wo hai you ba zuo jiu shang shen lou)

For those who aren’t familiar with Chinese poems – the 68-year-old multi-hyphenate basically took every other verse of the Chinese poem to match it with a following verse that rhymed.

Safe to say, we were impressed – again. Considering the fact that Marcus managed to spin an equally inspiring speech last year on the fly (he said that he did not prep anything at all), we were curious to find out if he did indeed prepare his speech this year.

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