Risk to Sweden ‘quite low’ if nuclear disaster were to hit Ukraine, officials say

The Radiation Safety Authority’s Nina Cromnier, left, and Environment Minister Annika Strandhäll, right, say Sweden isn’t in danger from nuclear sites in Ukraine.

Lyssna: Risk for Sweden ‘quite low’ if nuclear disaster hits Ukraine, officials say

  • Officials sought to assuage fears among the general public in Sweden over what a possible nuclear disaster caused by the Russian war in Ukraine could mean for this country, after stocks of iodine tablets sold out.

  • Nina Cromnier, head of the Swedish Radiation Safety Authority, says they are monitoring the situation in Ukraine, which has 4 active nuclear power plants.

  • “The risks for Sweden are quite low since the distance between Ukraine and Sweden is quite large. Of course in Ukraine, on the other hand, the consequences are severe and that’s where we need to be worried.” Cromnier says.

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