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Erik Marxen is tired of the justification that Randers FC toured with after his move to FC Nordsjælland Randers FC was at its peak when footballer Erik Marxen chose to accept an offer from FC Nordsjælland. Someone thought it was a step down the ladder, but does the protagonist himself think so? Listen in when Ekstra Bladet’s Rasmus Glud asks about the change in the studio on transfer night. – There was an agreement that he and the agent had to explore the possibilities for an interesting change of club, which we wanted to look at. The idea was probably more exotic, but then came a future addition to the family, where she lives in Copenhagen. That’s what Randers FC sports manager Søren Pedersen told Randers Amtsavis in the wake of Erik Marxen’s surprising switch to FC Nordsjælland this winter. But that explanation doesn’t hold up if you ask Marx himself. In Ekstra Bladet’s Transfer Talkshow, the FCN stopper says that he was tired of Randers’ announcement that the change was due to family reasons. – I was really upset by that explanation. – I don’t want to shoot at them (Randers FC, ed.). It is clear that Søren (Pedersen, ed.) must come up with an explanation for that. It was obvious to keep his back free, says Erik Marxen. The article continues below the picture.. Many believed that the switch to FC Nordsjælland was a step down or to the side for the former Randers captain. Photo: Stine Bidstrup Erik Marxen admits that it was great to have family and career merge into a higher unity – but it was not decisive for the change. – Even though she hadn’t been here and we weren’t going to have a child, I had changed anyway. – The plan was also that she had come to Aarhus to live with me. It was not an issue, says Marxen. See the entire video clip with Erik Marxen at the top of the article. ——— SPLIT ELEMENT ——— Did you read? The FCK boss answers again: – Disrespectfully, the millions roll: Here is the Superliga’s biggest purchase

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