Radio Sweden to provide news in Ukrainian

Radio Sweden provides news about Sweden in Arabic, English, Farsi/Dari, Kurdish, Somali, Swedish for Beginners, Tigrinya and soon Ukrainian, as well as a pod about the war in Ukraine in Russian.

Lyssna: Radio Sweden to provide news in Ukrainian

  • From next week Radio Sweden will start a new news service in Ukrainian.

  • Swedish Radio recently reintroduced a Russian podcast, focusing on the war in Ukraine, while the Ukrainian service will focus on domestic Swedish news, as well as giving tips to the estimated 32,500 Ukrainians that have so far fled to Sweden since Russia invaded Ukraine.

  • “There is a need in this group to be able to follow the news in their mother tongue, and also easily get tips and advice on various important societal functions”, says Ella Petersson, head of Swedish Radio’s P2 channel, including Radio Sweden.

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