Queen North West Just Went Live On TikTok In Kim Kardashian’s Room

The Kardashian family’s resident agent of chaos North West is most definitely in big trouble young lady after she went on TikTok and walked into her mum Kim Kardashian West’s room. Oopsie!

In the video captured by Twitter user North walks into Kim’s room while she’s having a moment of relaxation in bed to excitedly tell her: “Mum, I’m live!”

Kim, clearly surprised, tells her daughter: “What? No, stop. You’re not allowed to.”

Then North claps back with words only a cheeky child would say to their mum: “okay, bye”.

As North walks closer to the bed (but unfortunately points the phone on the ground), Kim asks someone else in the room “is she really live?” That other person, who sounds to me like Khloé Kardashian replies: “I don’t know.”

Well, sis, I’m sure you have a pretty good idea now.

According to one viewer, North was also seen running from her nanny. God, I wish I saw that footage.

In the video, you can also spot a group of chargers lying on the floor in between the bed and bedside table – celebrities, they’re just like us! – and Kim appears to be doom-scrolling on her phone in bed – just like I do between one to five in the morning.

Screams! This is so funny.

As one person said in the comments of an Insta reel of the clip, “North is gonna be a problem lmao”. I for one am here for the jokerification of the world’s richest socialite fam.

Others joked that North “purposely tries to get on Kim’s nerves [and] that’s why [this clip] is funny”, and that “North was made to humble Kim”.

Regardless of what your take is here, we can all admit that it almost feels illegal to see this side of her. And yet, I am desperately craving more North v Kim content.

Back in June, North convinced her entire family to wear poop emoji costumes to her birthday party, which is a very beginning of a loveable villain arc thing to do.

Getty Images [Marc Piasecki/GC Images] / TikTok [@kimandnorth]

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