Police Investigate Alleged Sharing Of Dom’s Pic Without Consent

New South Wales Police says it’s investigating whether MAFS star Olivia Frazer allegedly shared Domenica Calarco’s NSFW pic with the other contestants without Dom’s consent.

If you had told me that this season of Married At First Sight would lead to two separate investigations by NSW Police, I’d think you were hamming it up for the cameras. Alas, here we are.

ICYMI: Olivia allegedly found a nude photo of Dom and circulated it among some of the other MAFS couples at the dinner party last Thursday. She told producers she found the pic when she Googled Dom’s full name to find dirt on her. But when the photo was brought up in the group, she said her friends were actually the ones who found it.

Dom said at the Commitment Ceremony she had no problem with her NSFW content being out in the public eye. Her problem was that it was weaponised against her as harmful gossip.

Dom runs a subscribers-only Only Fans account. That means it’s likely that the pic might have been leaked from her channel if Olivia or her friends were able to find it on google.

Conversations around revenge porn emerged after the moment aired, including the legality of sharing around images that already existed on the internet. We spoke to a lawyer to learn more about revenge porn.

But now the MAFS moment has led to an official police investigation.

NSW Police Media Liaison Officer Adam Curley told PEDESTRIAN.TV the state’s police force was investigating the issue.

He said officers at the Inner West Police Area Command received a complaint on Saturday about the alleged distribution of an image without consent that occurred in late 2021.

“Inquiries are continuing and no further information is available at this stage,” he said.

NSW Police confirmed on Monday it was investigating the glass-smashing incident from a previous dinner party this season.

Irrespective of what NSW Police finds in its investigation, there was a lot fkn wrong with what we saw of the group’s reaction to Dom’s NSFW pic.


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