Partner Track’s Arden Cho Has Moved On From Teen Wolf But Is Still In The Mood For Action Roles: “I Would Love To Be In The Marvel Universe”

Arden Cho has gone rogue.

The Korean-American actress, best known for her role as the katana-swinging Kira Yukimura in the supernatural series Teen Wolf, is supposed to be back in the US after her vacation, and gear up for the Aug 26 launch of her new show, the Netflix legal drama Partner Track. (More on that later.)

Instead, Cho decided to extend her hiatus — which began two months ago in Australia — by spending a few more days in Singapore.

Cho, 37, is no stranger to the Little Red Dot: she was here a few years ago for the youth-centric Shine Festival. But this time, she has more wriggling room in her itinerary to hang with friends and go sightseeing. (She also managed to squeeze in some time for Sunday church service.)

“Going rogue turned out to be one of the best things, because I’m having a really amazing time in Singapore, meeting some great people and having a lot of fun,” she tells 8days.sg over coffee at Merci Marcel on Club Street one Thursday morning. “I ate so much food last night,” she raves. “I tried three different Hainanese chicken rice — I love chicken rice!”

But it isn’t all pleasure and no business: Cho is also doing her part to spread the gospel of Partner TrackIt’s nerve-wracking waiting for the show to drop, she admits. “I have dreams about the premiere, and nobody shows up. It’s scary, right?”

It is, considering that Partner Track — based on Helen Wan’s book of the same name — marks Cho’s first time as a series lead.

In the 10-part show, she plays Ingrid Yun, an associate in a New York law firm, is vying for a coveted partner position. But complicating her corporate ascension are her messy love life and sense of morality: how much is she willing to sacrifice to achieve her goals? Decisions, decisions.

Is having her own show the equivalent of a lawyer making partner? Probably. Then again so is starring in her own action film or running her own production company. Whatever that might be, Cho says, “I feel that this is just the beginning for me.”

Here are a few things Cho shared with us about Partner Track



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