Overcrowded hospital wards on the brink of collapse

Ward Unit managers at Sundsvall hospital show their letter that has been sent to management.

Lyssna: Overcrowded hospital wards on the brink of collapse

  • Nurses at Sundsvall hospital in northern Sweden say they’re being overwhelmed by the huge pressure of caring for an increased number of patients, with some wards on the point of collapse due to overcrowding and understaffing.

  • Ward unit managers have now written to bosses expressing their concerns about nurses’ working conditions and patient safety, with crowded wards forcing some patients to be treated on trolleys in narrow corridors. There are currently 104 nursing vacancies in eleven departments at the hospital.

  • “There’s no end to this, we are all weary… we need urgent help, it’s very frustrating,” Mirjam Lager Sirviö, manager of the hematology unit, tells Swedish Radio’s P4 Västernorrland channel.

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