Now Or Never For Danish Star Crew

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There is more than just the credit at stake for Astralis when they clash with American Liquid in the CS: GO tournament BLAST Premier World Final on Friday, which these days is running off the stack in the BLAST studios in Brøndby. The match is a “win or lose” match, and since it is the last big tournament of the year, a defeat can therefore mean a little earlier Christmas holiday for the Danish team. In that case, it will also crown a calendar year that can not be claimed to have been successful for the star crew, who have otherwise been used to being among the very best in the world. If the tournament does not end with the Astralis triumph, it will be the first time in the team’s five-year history that they go through a calendar year without a single won tournament. Close match ends in triumph Astralis crossed blades with Swedish NIP on Thursday afternoon a match where they had to go out on all three courses and overtime before Astralis could secure the victory at 2-1. Thus, they are ready for today’s match, where American Liquid is waiting. Liquid has for several years been hereditary enemies of the Danes, as they have traditionally also been part of the world top. Team captain at Astralis, Lukas ‘gla1ve’ Rossander, however, must make sure that the troops show up from the start to avoid the same humiliation as the last time the two teams met. It was earlier in December that Liquid took a rock-solid 2-0 victory. Especially on the first pitch of that match, Liquid was impossible to stop and the Americans won the pitch 16-1. Today’s match between Liquid and Astralis kicks off at 19:30, and the winner must meet the winner of the match between G2 and NaVi, who meet in the second match of the day. That showdown is, incidentally, a repeat of the final at the PGL Major in Stockholm in November. Here NaVi took the victory. The prize pool in the BLAST Premier World Final is a staggering 6.6 million kroner, of which half to the winner. Today’s matches can be seen on both BLAST’s channels on Twitch and YouTube or on TV 2 Zulu. Today’s matches are as follows:

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