Netizens Call TVB Actress Kaman Kong, 27, A “Fashion Car Crash” … And She Agrees With Them

When speaking to Carol on her radio show When I Was Young I Listen To The Radio, Kaman explained: “I don’t know how to doll myself up. If I don’t have to put on make-up, I try my best not to.”

Her reason? “It’s really quite terrifying when I do my own make-up,” she quipped.

When asked about being called a  “Fashion Car Crash”, Kaman said: “Maybe the outfits are pretty on their own, but I didn’t put too much thought into them. I didn’t realise those clothes were not suitable for my body type. I didn’t pay attention to those details.”

Carol then asked Kaman if she felt that it was okay for her to have worn those outfits, like this sparkly gown at the TVB Anniversary Awards:

Kaman Kong fashion disaster

“[When] I think that an outfit is really pretty, I will neglect the overall look,” replied Kaman.

When Carol suggested Kaman enlist the help of professional stylists, the latter laughed before saying it’s something she would consider seriously.

Kaman also revealed that she “tried to ask [her] friends for help,” which led Carol to ask if she’s still pals with that person who is responsible for all her fashion faux pas.

“Actually my friend is great, I’m just stubborn,” said Kaman. “They advised me not [to wear those outfits], but I really liked the skirt.”

Here’s a look at some of Kaman’s questionable fashion choices:

Kaman Kong hair
Is her a-go-go hairstyle a a-no-no?
Kaman Kong and Sam Ko
Standing next to Samantha Ko sure didn’t help her case
Kaman Kong ugly dress
The reviews for this dress made her go blue-hoo-hoo

Photos: sinchew.com/my

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