Myolie Wu Says She Once Threw Up After A Male Star Kissed Her For A Scene, Netizens Think She’s Talking About Raymond Wong

When asked about her worst experience when filming a kissing scene, the actress, who has appeared in many dramas since coming in third in the Miss Hong Kong Pageant in 1999, said it was “something that couldn’t be revealed”. 

But after Cho Lam’s persistent questioning, Myolie eventually let on that it was when she received a peck from a co-star when filming a scene by the road. 

“I remember it was when I was filming When A Dog Loves A Cat (2008), and there wasn’t much to that scene. But for some reason, maybe because my stomach was not feeling too well, I immediately threw up on the spot after the kissing scene,” she said. 

Although she did not reveal whether the scene in particular was with Gallen Lo or Raymond Wong, who both played her love interests in the show, netizens found a screenshot of the drama, in which she received a peck on the cheek from Raymond while standing by a road. 

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