Multimillion State support package for farmers set to be approved

The Government is set to approve a package of supports for farmers to grow feed and fodder before the end of the month.

Minister for Agriculture Charlie McConalgue said he is “acutely aware” of the challenges facing farms and businesses.

It is understood the package is likely to amount to tens of millions of euro, with farmers facing multiple challenges which are set to drive up costs and have a knock on effect for consumers.

A National Fodder and Food Security Committee was formed on Tuesday night due to the threat to raw materials and fertiliser arising from the Russian invasion of Ukraine. “I am intervening early to head off any potential issues later in the year,” he said.

“Speed is of the urgency here as we have time to plot and plan. This is the most important agenda in my Department at the moment,” he said. The package of supports will be brought to cabinet by Mr McConalogue before the end of the month, it is expected.

The package will include plans to address increasing costs facing farmers growing fodder crops, as well as stronger incentives to sow crops which are less dependent on chemical fertiliser. The newly-formed NFFSC will be tasked with rapidly disseminating the information to farmers.

In addition to these issues, farmers will be given access to databases of organic manures to help offset the loss of fertiliser imports.

In a statement, Mr McConalogue said: “I am intervening early to head off any potential issues later in the year. I asked the farm organisations to a meeting on Tuesday where we set the new committee to plot out how we, as an industry, can navigate our way through these challenging times.”

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