Moses Chan Is Now “Camping” On The Balcony Of His Apartment After Co-Star Nancy Wu Tests Positive For COVID-19

These days, it seems like Moses Chan, 50, has become very much known for his strict adherence to COVID-19 safe distancing regulations, and is always masked up, even at home, in order to keep his family safe. 

Now, with Hongkong’s current surge in Omicron cases, it seems like Moses has become even more careful. 

The Hongkong actor is currently self-isolating in his balcony at home after it was reported that Hongkong actress Nancy Wu, 40, tested positive for COVID-19 while they were in the midst of filming upcoming TVB drama, Drug-Beating Strongmen

Moses tested negative for Covid-19, but because he had come into contact with his co-star, he decided to start “camping” out on the balcony of his apartment as an extra precaution, minimising contact with his wife, Hongkong actress Aimee Chan, and their three kids — Aidan Joshua, 8, Nathan, and Camilla, 5.

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