Mediacorp Actor Herman Keh, Whose Recent TikTok Got Over 16 Million Views, Says He’s Okay With Being Known As ‘The TikTok Guy’… For Now


Although Herman, who tells us that he has always been playful and mischievous, clearly has a knack for coming up with viral TikTok ideas, he has no interest in pursuing social media as a full-time gig.

Besides joking that he “hasn’t been able to earn any money” from TikTok, he says he would choose acting over TikTok anytime because it is what he’s “passionate” about. In fact, he doesn’t think he would ever stop being an actor.

When we ask him what he thinks his ‘brand’ is, Herman pauses for what seems like an eternity before saying “Multi-talented”.

But not, really.

“Actually… multi-talented is too ‘step’ [Ed: that’s Millennial for ‘pretentious’]. I want everybody to know that I can actually do a lot of stuff, not just funny stuff,” adds Herman, who, may we remind you, once told us he wanted to be “Singapore’s first Mr Bean”

“[I can do] serious stuff too, but I must say it’s not easy to be funny as well!” he quips. 

So why post crazy TikToks when he wants to be taken more seriously? 

“Because I show a more serious side on IG,” he says. “So on TikTok I want to let loose a bit. Actually most of the time I don’t really find my videos funny (laughs). I want to understand from [my viewers why they think it is] funny.”

But is he worried about being known as ‘The TikTok guy’ from now on?  

“To know me for something is not bad and slowly from there I can do other stuff. Eventually maybe there will be more labels and not just ‘The TikTok guy’,” he laughs. 

Photos: Herman Keh/ Instagram, Herman Keh/ TikTok

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