Malaysian politician says Singapore would have been more developed under Umno, Latest Singapore News

Is Singapore more developed than Malaysia?

And would it have developed more if Malaysia’s Umno had ruled Singapore?

A debate has broken out between two politicians across the Causeway.

First,the Islamic PAS party’s vice-president Mohd Amar Abdullah said Singapore was more developed because it did not have Umno, Malaysiakini reported.

Johor’s Barisan Nasional chief Hasni Mohammad hit back, saying Singapore could be more developed if it was ruled by Umno, a constituent of the long-ruling coalition.

The Malay-based party could match the People’s Action Party in Singapore, he was quoted as saying.

PAS had also said people from Johor had to travel to Singapore to find work.

But Mr Hasni said Malaysians who travelled to Singapore for work also included those from Kedah and Kelantan, states ruled by PAS.

So, which country really is more developed?

“Malaysia’s Umno, look how much more developed we are than Singapore,” Kini News presenter Prasadh Michael says.

And he adds with a wry smile: “Right, guys?”

Watch the video here.

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