Madonna Says Auditions For Her Biopic Have Started, Finds The Process “A Surreal Experience”

Madonna admits auditioning for her biopic has been “surreal”.

The ‘Material Girl’ hitmaker has been working on the upcoming movie based on her life and she’s given fans an update following reports she has been heading up the casting call for the project.

Alongside a video of herself in what appears to be a rehearsal room, dancing to a live band playing her track ‘Burning Up’, she wrote on Instagram: “Auditions for my film are a Surreal experience.

“But I’m enjoying Dancing to the Classics!! #burningup (sic)”

The Queen of Pop recently admitted she’s been finding it “really weird” delving back into her own history for the project.

She said: “It’s also really weird to be writing about my life and my past and not living my life.

“I feel like I’m living in the past a lot and it’s a bit of a mind f***.”

Back in October 2021, Madonna gave fans an update alongside a series of selfies on social media as she revealed she had “almost finished” writing the screenplay for the biopic.

She wrote at the time: “Grateful for the success of Madame X, that my script is almost finished, and for the support of my beautiful children!”

In a Rolling Stone interview in the same month, Madonna was asked by Maluma how it was to “relive her past through the biopic.

She said: “Writing my script is the most draining, challenging experience I’ve ever had.

“It’s kind of like psychotherapy in a way, because I have to remember every detail from my childhood till now.

“Remembering all the things that made me decide to be who I am, my journey as an artist, my decision to leave Michigan to go to New York, all the things that happened to me when I was young and naïve, my relationships with my family and friends, watching many of my friends die — sometimes, I have writing sessions where I go to bed and I just want to cry. You know what I mean?

“The thing is, I realise I forgot a lot of things, and reliving, digging deep, trying to recall emotions that I felt in certain moments, both joyful and traumatic experiences… I realise I’ve lived a crazy life.” 

In recent months, Madonna hinted that ex-Kanye West squeeze Julia Fox and Black Widow’s Florence Pugh might be involved in the biopic which is written by Juno’s Oscar-winning scribe Diablo Cody. — BANG SHOWBIZ

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