Linda Chung Shares “Painful” Birthing Story, Says She Almost Needed Emergency Surgery After Delivering Her Daughter

If you want to feel inspired by what mothers go through to bring you to this world, look no further than Linda Chung, whose, um, vivid recounting of her delivery might move you to hug your mum or make you think twice about natural childbirth.

The 37-year-old has been based in Vancouver ever since she tied the knot with her chiropractor husband Jeremy Leung, 49, in 2015, and is focused on raising her two kids, Kelly, five, and Jared, three.

Yesterday (Mar 28), the Hongkong actress decided to share a video about the “unbelievably painful” birthing story of her daughter Kelly. 

As Kelly was her first pregnancy, Linda didn’t realise she was having contractions until almost 12 hours later.

She started feeling “something weird within [her]” at around 7pm, but instead going to the hospital, she decided to adopt a wait-and-see attitude and went to bed.

“Plus, in Vancouver if you are not 5cm dilated yet, the doctor will tell you to go home,” she reasoned.

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