Lin Chiling, 47, Thanked Herself For “Not Giving Up” In IG Post To Mark Her 1st Mother’s Day

Our social media feeds were filled celebs paying tribute to their mums on Mother’s Day yesterday (May 8).

Taiwanese star Lin Chiling, who revealed that she became a mum in January, paid tribute to herself instead.

The 47-year-old marked her first Mother’s Day with a photo of a bouquet of flowers her hubby, Japanese popstar husband Akira, 40, had gifted her. On it was a card that read: “The best Mom in the world! Thank you, my baby!” 

In her Facebook caption, Chiling wrote: “Thanks to myself for not giving up and thanks for the strongest baby. Only then do we have happiness to sing about at this moment. Thank you big baby for the flowers. Happy first Mother’s Day.”

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