Liberals share strategy for staying in parliament

Johan Pehrson, leader of the Liberals, with colleagues from the party. They are campaigning in Sollentuna, north of Stockholm, as September’s elections approach.

Lyssna: Liberals share strategy for staying in parliament

  • In order to be able to stay in Parliament and get above the four percent threshold, the Liberals are doing everything they can to reach the 15 percent of voters that they believe are within reach.

  • New party leader Johan Pehrson and party colleagues are knocking on doors and handing out flyers among the villas bordering Norrviken lake in Sollentuna – an area where, in the last election, the Liberals got twice as many votes as their average throughout the rest of the country

  • “People who have a completely different ideological home turf than the Liberals will probably never vote for us. So it’s important that we dare to prioritize the voters that are actually considering voting for us,” says election manager Gustav Georgsson from the party’s HQ.

Pontus Matsson

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