Koala’s Currently Having A Huge Sale On Their Entire Range

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I can barely remember the last time I made myself a bloody home-cooked dinner, let alone navigated my way through the torturous, and frankly, fucking expensive adult task of getting a new mattress. If I’m being totally honest with you, I think I’m still sleeping on a goddamn hand-me-down from my mum circa 2009, which is grim at best. If you happen to be in a tragically similar boat to me, it’s a hot damn time to be alive because Koala (the sleep MVPs) are slinging us some chunky dollars off their entire site this V-Day weekend.

You and I need very little introduction to Koala at this stage. They’re the gang that ships the dope mattresses in manageable boxes. You know the ones; they spring open with shin-shattering force when you slice the plastic open, and it’s low-key mental as hell.

Oh, and our sleep besties are also responsible for makin’ these absolutely ripper sofa beds that are so comfy, they might even rival your actual bed.

Anyway, to cut to the chase: the way this particular sale works, folks, is that the entire Koala site will be slashed by up to 25% from now until February 17th. This includes $892.50 off the award-winning New Koala Soul Mate Mattress and $262.50 off the Cushy Sofa Bedas well as further markdowns on a bunch of pillows, sheets and mattress protectors.

Yup that means you can furnish a whole room or two and still walk away with a wad of spare dollarydoos in your back pocket.

And of course, all the products will come with that nice risk-free 120-night trial and fast, fuss-free delivery.

Now, go forth and check the deals out now on Koala’s website in all their glory cos’ you know you want to.


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