Knivkarpe FCN Took Advantage Of Tingager’s Gift Stall

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The Superliga competitors must pray that FC Nordsjælland chooses to cash in during the winter break. Otherwise, the Farum club will be a good bet for a possible champion club, if the normal gold aspirants do not get on track soon. Flemming Pedersen’s troops, after 3-2 against AGF on Monday evening, are already so far ahead of FC Copenhagen, for example, that the lions can hardly do it alone. That is why it was interesting that Manchester United’s Danish chief scout, Tommy Møller Nielsen, was again in place for an FC Nordsjælland match. He thus saw the super pass from star seed Adama Nagalo after eight minutes that sent Ernest Nuamah alone against Jesper Hansen. A super taming of the ball and finish in the next movement. The article continues below the picture.. Ernest Nuamah scored for sure to make it 1-0, after an excellent delivery by Adama Nagalo. Now of course Adama Nagalo is not Manchester United calibre… not at all. But neither was Kamaldeen Sulemana – until suddenly he was. But there are many other clubs that have enough money to entice FC Nordsjælland into selling. And there are many. a lot of FCN players who make buying clubs open their eyes. Likewise, Norwegian Andreas Schjelderup, who has overcome last season’s slump and once again shows what all the hype is about. Not many 18-year-olds had had the nerve to kick two penalties deep into extra time before the break – and score both times after Nuamah had run far too far forward in the first. The two FCN scores in the first half, on the other hand, revealed some of the defensive AGF frailties, which otherwise seemed to have been packed together with the moving trucks that drove David Nielsen out of Fredensvang. Defense general Frederik Tingager had a nightmare evening against the weaver guests. First he was totally misplaced for Nuamah’s opening goal. And when, after a good period in the middle of the half, AGF had reached level at Sigurd Haugen, Tingager destroyed the opportunity to go to the break with 1-1. In a running duel with Mohammed Diomande, Frederik Tingager came a little behind and bashed at the ball with his flailing left arm. The VAR check was really redundant. Clear penalty – and Schjelderup on the board. Frederik Tingager had great difficulty defending himself against the weaker FCNs. Photo: Bo Amstrup / Ritzau Scanpix For AGF, the match was another testimony that the club lacks a plan when the opponents succeed in keeping Mads Emil Madsen from the blob. AGF’s comeback before the break came precisely because the former Silkeborg player signed up for the match. It was thus a Madsen lay-in that created the opportunity that Sigurd Haugen equalized on. And AGF put FC Nordsjælland under pressure in the second half, because Mads Emil Madsen came into play again as a creator. Mikael Anderson had the 2-2 score on his feet, but had to see the post take off. FC Nordsjælland was a presser and was shown that the young boys also have dirty tricks in their luggage. The delays in the FCN initiations were almost like experiencing a teenager letting the first fluff stand on the upper lip in order to appear grown up. And as the minutes dragged on, it became increasingly clear that FC Nordsjælland is thinking big this season. AGF’s desperate pressure for an equalizer was averted and in exactly the right sequence, substitute Oliver Antman turned on the turbo and found another substitute, Lasso Coulibaly, to make it 3-1. It wasn’t straight forward in the script, but FC Nordsjælland took it all. Characteristic of the match, AGF thus had to go three minutes into overtime before Sebastian Grønning got on the scoreboard, but by then it was far too late.

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