Kingdom Yuen Says She Was “Treated Very Coldly” At TVB & ATV Early In Her Career; Had To Do Her Own Make-Up ‘Cos Of That

Hong Kong star Kingdom Yuen, 58, was the guest on a recent episode of Wong Cho Lam’s TVB talk show, Cho Lam Is My Sis, where she revealed how she was ostracised in the early days of her career.  

Kingdom joined showbiz in 1982, and was contracted to ATV. However, she in the mid ’90s to join rival broadcaster TVB.

The actress, who described herself as the “mad dog of the Northeast”, said: “I will bite people. I’m more gossipy, so I collected a lot of blackmail material, and many people were scared of me”.

However, ‘cos of her chatty nature, Kingdom clashed with a number of people at both ATV and TVB.

She revealed that when she was at ATV, she did not shy away from speaking her mind, and offended some of the higher-ups there. However, after she jumped ship to TVB, her experience there was so bad, she actually made a trip back to ATV after a week to cry and air out her grievances.

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