Kenneth Tsang’s Daughter Says The Late Actor Complained About Chest Discomfort While In Quarantine The Night Before His Death

According to Musette, her father was playful, enjoyed life, and often shared snippets of his travels with his family.

To Kenneth, the most important thing in life was to enjoy himself, eat good food, and to get to do what he liked, and he managed to spend his last days doing all that.

When asked about her father’s wellbeing before he passed, Musette said he was in pretty good health, both mentally and physically. 

“[Dad] was already so late in his years, so his condition was normal for an elderly person. He had things like high blood pressure, which is normal,” she said.

While she is still shocked by his sudden death, she believes it was also a blessing as he didn’t have to suffer from a long illness.

She added that she is in the midst of preparing for the funeral and that their family would like to keep it a low-key affair.

Photos: Kenneth Tsang/Weibo, The Standard, Sinchew

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