Karry Wang’s Agency Says He’s Been Used As A “Shield” By Another Star’s PR, Netizens Think They’re Talking About His TFBoy Bandmate Jackson Yee

TFBoys Karry Wang, 22, and Jackson Yee, 21, have been embroiled in some high school drama. Quite literally.

Scandals dating back to when the boys were in school surfaced recently in succession, leading Karry’s management to make a shady comment that may or may not be directed at Jackson… and for netizens to speculate that the two stars have fallen out.

Recently, there were netizens who claimed Jackson had made use of his ‘celebrity privileges’ to enter high school — he was only 13 when he became a TFBoy.

Jackson’s management quickly issued a statement to refute the allegation, adding that they would leave this matter to their lawyers.

Soon after that, it was Karry’s turn to have his alleged ‘dirty laundry’ aired online.

According to – you guessed it – netizens, Karry allegedly had to retake four subjects, including English and Modern History, during his university exams. There also photos of the singer and Chinese boybander Ding Chenxin, 20, taking online remedial classes together.

And just like that, the online attention quickly shifted from Jackson to Karry.

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