JJ Lin Reveals Why His Brother Held His Wedding Banquet In A Temple In Taiwan After Nasty Netizens Describe The Venue As “Run-Down”

According to reports, the couple’s Taiwan banquet was held in a temple and was catered for Rita’s relatives.

Photos of the event quickly went viral, and this being the internet, netizens had a lot to say about it. 

There were those who were surprised at the couple’s choice of such a simple and, um, “run-down” venue, with some commenting that Eugene’s superstar brother should have chipped in for a glitzier location.

But turns out, the couple actually chose the temple for a really sweet reason. 

When 8days.sg reached out to JJ for a comment, his manager said: “There’s actually a special meaning [why they chose] to hold the wedding at the temple… It’s where his wife grew up since birth.”

His manager also added that the wedding is known as a liu shui xi, which can be literally translated as ‘flowing water banquet”, a type of wedding dinner where guests turn up at various times and are served food when they arrive.

According to JJ”s manager, it’s a “very traditional way of holding weddings in Taiwan”.

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