JJ Lin Gives Fans A Scare After Posting Pic That Suggests He Is In Hospital; His Manager Says The Star Is Fine

JJ Lin sure gave his followers quite a scare after he posted a photo of himself having a “light breakfast” of porridge, fruit, and toast on Thursday (Dec 9).

But wait, what’s wrong with having a light breakfast, you might be thinking?

Is it ‘cos everyone is used to seeing the 40-year-old tucking into heartier meals like this baller cai png?

Not quite. You see, the tray, blanket, and what appears to be some kind of trolley in JJ’s pic all suggest that the singer was in hospital.

Fans immediately flooded the comments section with concerned questions and remarks, with many asking why it looked like he was in a hospital ward.

As it turns out, JJ really had been hospitalised, but it’s not for any reason most folks were fearing.

Local Chinese media outlets reached out to JJ’s manager to check on the star, and they received the same statement in return: “He is well. It was just a routine check-up, nothing serious. Thank you for your concern.”

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