Jernelle Oh Calls Out Inconsiderate Neighbour Who Has Been Throwing Lit Cigarette Butts Out The Window For The Past 2 Years

For the past two years, Mediacorp actress Jernelle Oh, 27, and her family has had to contend with the behaviour of an “inconsiderate” neighbour, who lives in a unit above hers. 

According to Jernelle, who went viral internationally because of her role in an episode of Crimewatch, her neighbour has been flicking lit cigarette butts out of their windows with nary a care about where they land. 

As if living with the secondhand smoke is not annoying enough, Jernelle says the cigarettes have burned holes in the laundry she and her family have hung out to dry as well.

Recently, Jernelle took to IG to air her frustrations, revealing that the Marsiling-Yew Tee GRC town council and the police are aware of this issue, though that hasn’t deterred the selfish litterbug.

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