Jay Chou’s Mum Is Going Public With Her Coffee Brand, Touted As China’s Largest Maker Of Bulletproof Coffee

According to media reports, Jay Chou’s mum, Ye Huimei, is planning to go public with her company, Star Plus Legend Holdings. 

Bloomberg reports that Star Plus filed a listing application for its initial public offering (IPO) with the Hong Kong stock exchange on March 31, with CMBC International Capital Ltd. as the sole sponsor of the planned offering.

The company, which was founded in 2017, counts Simon Ho, the chief financial officer of venture capital firm IDG Capital, as one of its investors. Jay’s mum reportedly owns 27.6 per cent of the shares, while JR Yang, who co-founded Jay Chou’s music label JVR Music, owns an equal amount.

Apart from Jay’s mum and JR, other members of his entourage are also involved in the company. His longtime collaborator, songwriter Vincent Fang, is the company’s chief cultural officer.

Jay, however, is not directly involved in the company’s operations, and is not listed as a shareholder.

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