Jay Chou Gets A Shock After Catching His 4-Year-Old Son Romeo Composing Music

Jay’s post reads:

“Do you guys believe in past life? #mozart #chopin I was just playing the piano when @hannah_quinlivan called me over to look at Romeo quietly drawing this in his room. Honestly, he gave me a shock.”

In the 23-second IG video that Jay posted, Romeo can be seen in his PJs, sitting at a table with a red marker in his hand. Instead of drawing or scribbling, like you would expect any four-year-old to do, he was writing neat lines of musical notes.

Romeo even paused between some notes, as if he was thinking about which note should come next.

And no one was as stunned as Jay, who could be heard towards the end of the video asking Romeo: “Do you have a melody in your heart?”.

Jay’s post received plenty of comments from equally impressed fans.

“A young musical prodigy”, “[I] really want to know how this sounds when it’s played” and “Like father like son” were just three of the many comments left by netizens.

Others even jokingly mused that Romeo might finish writing the song before Jay comes out with a new album. (P/S: Jay’s last full-length album was released in 2016)

Fellow singer JJ Lin also left a comment, telling Jay to “hurry and turn it into a song!”

Yes, Jay, please make that happen.

Photos: Jay Chou/ Instagram

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